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Posted 26 Apr 2012 — by finalist

This is the module that will be used by pathologists.

The microscopy module assists the pathologist when working at the microscope.

This module gives acces to various supporting routines and is highly configurable to assure a smooth workflow for the pathologist. In case a laboratory makes use of slide digitizers: this module already is prepared to support the use of digital slides and functions for viewing images and measuring tools are present.

The system will also inform the pathologist concerning the status of the case. If there still are items left in the production process the screen will display a red square and the caption will state that the study is incomplete.

In the next screen an imaging and measuringtool has been applied.

If needed the pathologist can request additional stainings and / or panels by activating the request option.

The next screen shows the request screen.

In this case three additional stainings have been requested. The pathologist can add a memo to the request. When the pathologist saves the request it will be visible in the module ‘check-in requests’ in the laboratory. Employees will be informed that a memo exists and the memo can also be printen on the (optional) job sheet.