Finalist Noord Nederland B.V. is the manufacturer of FinaLims, the integrated solution for laboratories in the field of pathology.

FinaLims is the leading Lims for pathology in the Netherlands. For over 10 years laboratories  ranging from small peripheral labs to the major university laboratories  have trusted the support of their processes to FinaLims.

FinaLims supports the  workflow in laboratories from the moment material is received up to the reporting of findings by pathologists.

FinaLims is designed to reduce mistakes, manage workload, provide or improve connectivity to external systems and equipment, as well as providing extensive information  for management purposes.

(Nederlands) Symbiant Pathology Expert Centre ook over op de POEMA module

Days of Pathologists 2015

Also this year Finalist was represented during the “days of the pathologists”, the 22, 23 and 24th of April 2015, in Zeist.

Training course “LMS system management” – October 2015

Currently, we are occupied with the organization of a training course “”LMS system management” for system administrators. This course will take place in the beginning of October 2015.

Meeting LMS users 2015

On Tuesday the 12th of May 2015 the fourth meeting was held for the LMS-user group. There were 22 labs represented. This year, the meeting was organized by the laboratory of Pathology East Netherlands (LabPON) in their beautiful new lab at Hengelo.

This LMS user group meeting was marked by the further development of LMS. What needs and wishes from the labs are existing and which one can be included in the further development. Also general questions / requests / comments / additions were discussed.

There were “guest” presentations from the LabPON on POEMA (secretary module) and Philips on digital pathology and integration IMS (Image Management System) in the LMS.

We want to thank all the participants for their attendance and input!

And of course LabPON for the hospitality and organization of the usergroup-meeting.

(Nederlands) LabPON maakt als eerste de sprong naar POEMA!

(Nederlands) LMS Gebruikersgroep